Head: Professor Zou Guangwen

Team: Zou Guangwen (Professor), Wu Zhuo (Professor, part-time duty), Zhao Jiaming (Professor, part-time duty), Tang Shaojie (Professor), Han Lixin (associate professor), Hou Tieqiao (associate professor), and Liu Yanni (lecturer).

Main research directions: (1) the principles of Marxist philosophy; (2) cultural philosophy; (3) humanities and the philosophy of ethics; and (4) studies in the texts of Marxist philosophy.

(Wu Zhuo and Zhao Jiaming are professors of the Center for the Studies of Marxism, Tsinghua University.)


Head: Professor Cao Feng

Main research directions: (1) the philosophy of the pre-Qin period; (2) the school of principle in the Song and Ming dynasties; and (3) modern and contemporary Chinese philosophy.


Head: Professor Huang Yusheng

Team: Wang Xiaochao (Professor), Wang Lu (Professor), Ai Silin (Professor, part-time duty), Tian Wei (Professor), and Song Jijie (associate professor).

Main research directions: (1) philosophy in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire; (2) medieval philosophy; and (3) modern and contemporary Western philosophy.


Head: Professor Wan Junren

Team: Wan Junren (Professor), Lu Feng (Professor), Xiao Wei (Professor), Daniel Bell (Professor, Canadian), Tang Wenming (associate professor), Wei Zhengxiang (associate professor, part-time duty), and Lei Yi (associate professor, parttime duty).

Main research directions: (1) Western ethics and the principles of ethics; (2) applied ethics; (3) Chinese ethics and the comparison between Chinese and Western ethics; (4) religious ethics.

(Lei Yi is an associate professor of the Institute of Sciences and Society, Tsinghua University.)


Head: Professor Wang Lu

Team: Wang Lu (Professor), Cai Shushan (Professor, part-time duty), and Liu Fenrong (associate professor)

Main research directions: (1) the philosophy of logic; (2) epistemic logic; and (3) the logic of language and the history of logic.

(Cai Shushan is Professor of the Center for the Studies of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Tsinghua University.)


Head: Professor Xiao Ying

Team: Xiao Ying (Professor), Zou Guangwen (Professor), Luo Gang (Professor, part-time duty), Yin Hong(Professor, part-time duty), and Bao Lin (Professor, part-time duty)

Main research directions: (1) the principles of aesthetics; (2) the comparison between Chinese and Western aesthetics; and (3) contemporary arts and culture.

(Luo Gang is Professor of Dept. of Chinese; Yin Hong is professor of the School of Journalism and Communication; and Bao Lin is professor of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University.)


Head: Professor Tian Wei

Team: Wang Xiaochao (Professor), Tian Wei (Professor), and Zhu Donghua (lecturer).

Main research directions: (1) studies of the thoughts of Christianity; (2) the philosophy of religion and the ethics of religion; and (3) studies of the thoughts of Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.


Head: Professor Zeng Guoping

Team: Zeng Guoping (Professor), Wu Tong (Professor), Liu Bing (Professor), Li Zhengfeng (Professor).

Main research directions: (1) general scientific philosophy and the study in the philosophical problems of natural sciences and engineering technology; (2) the philosophy of the science of system and the study of its complexity; (3) the study of scientific technology and society; and so on. (All the team members are full-time faculty members of the Institute of Science and Society at Tsinghua University.)