The educational system of the department including three levels: undergraduate students, candidates for master's degrees, and candidates for doctoral degrees. The basic features are the following:

1.The need to form an educational system of the discipline of philosophy with three levels and eight areas, in which the discipline of philosophy is the platform for all three levels of study, and the curricula of the required courses and elective courses are set around the eight areas;

2.The need to insist on the principles of the combination of basic education in the humanities and philosophy, the learning of expert theories and the training of researching ability, and the training of the qualified academics and who also contributed to society with their knowledge of applied philosophy;

3.The need to fully take advantage of the resources of the department and the university to set regular programs for students to study through international exchanges and joint training. Other than inviting famous foreign scholars to come to the department to give lectures and teach courses, the department selects a few students from the three levels to study abroad each year, so that they will be trained in the methods of international philosophy;

4.The need to enrol oversea students and students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan on all three levels, so that the students of the department are from home and abroad.