International Students

Academic Regulations for Undergraudate Programs

1. The undergraduate degree programs normally consist of four years of continuous study (Bachelor of Architecture degree program requires five continuous years). The maximum length of study is the certain period of study plus another two years. Students with a study period exceeding this maximum length are not accepted for registration. In order to graduate from the University, students have to reach the standards prescribed by the academic degree programs for course taking and total credits.

2. Students shall follow academic regulations for course selection and take part in the classroom and field study and examination of a course chosen. The result of a course taken, whether pass or failure will be recorded in the transcripts. Those students who fail to pass the examination should apply for retaking that course following certain regulations of the University. The most recent examination result of the retaken course will be recorded on the transcripts and the times of course taking will be marked. There is no limitation for the times of retaking a course within the prescribed length of schooling.

3. International students may select courses that are one level lower than those in the prescribed course taking plan by the academic degree programs. In the case of selecting courses of normal level, the scores under 60 will be multiplied by 1.2, and limited to a maximum of 60. The following courses are excluded: elective courses, courses of practice in summer semesters, courses required by majors of Chinese language & literature and Foreign languages, and courses specified for foreign students only (i.e. calculus, geometry and algebra, physics, general knowledge about China, etc.).

4. Students are permitted to have only one trial study of one-year duration in their degree programs. The foreign students who fail to obtain at least 9 credits in one semester due to failure in course examinations, except for summer session and autumn semester of the freshman-year, will be transferred to a one-year trial study with their student status being conditionally maintained. The students placed in trial study are required to obtain more than 20 credits in the spring and autumn semesters of that year in order to restore normal status by the end of the trial study. Those who fail to reach this standard can apply for transferring to a three-year junior college program study or withdrawal from the university. By the end of this three-year program they are expected to have obtained 90 credits.

5. The foreign students who cannot carry on with their study at the University can apply for suspension of schooling by filing a formal Suspension Application Form. Those who apply for suspension due to health reasons have to provide hospital diagnosis as a proof. Suspension applications shall be formally approved by the department administration and FSAO, and shall be put on record by the University Academic Affairs Office. The foreign students sponsored by governmental scholarships shall apply for suspension of schooling to the University through embassies of their home countries in P. R. China or dispatching institutions. Only with formal approval by Tsinghua University can they suspend their study, with their student status being maintained for one year. The students placed on suspension shall leave the University within one month after the approval notification following certain procedures. To end the suspension, the foreign students shall apply to FSAO for resumption of their interrupted study three months before the commencing of next semester. Those suspending for health reasons should send by mail the doctor’s statement proving their health recovery to FSAO in order to resume their study. The students are allowed to return to the University only upon receiving the approval notification for their resumption of study. Students are allowed to suspend schooling for a maximum of two years in their degree programs.

6. The arising of one of the following situations will lead to the dismissal of a student from the University:

(1) Failure in courses accumulated to 25 credits (not including the passed retaking courses);

(2) Failure to pass the trial study and failure to reach the admission standards of junior college programs;

(3) Failure to graduate from junior college programs after transferring from trial study;

(4) Failure to complete one’s studies within the prescribed period of study for any reasons;

(5) Incapable of keeping on study in the university due to accidental disability or diseases diagnosed by the prescribed hospital of the University;

(6) Failure to apply for resumption of one’s study before the expiration of suspension of schooling or student status maintenance, or not eligible to regain one’s student status upon examination for the resumption application;

(7) Failure to make registration before deadline without proper reasons;

(8) Unexcused absence from prescribed teaching activities for two continuous weeks;

(9) Voluntary withdrawal from the University.

7. Dismissed students or those with students status cancelled are not allowed to resume their study at the University.

8. The foreign students who are dismissed from the University should go through certain procedures at FSAO. If for any specific reason the notification could not reach the student, the University will publicize the dismissal decision on campus, and after 10 days from the date of publicizing the notification is considered as having been delivered.

9. The University normally does not accept applications for transferring to other degree programs or universities by foreign students. If the degree program transfer is really necessary, the University Academic Affairs Office will check and verify the courses already taken by the applicant student, and define the education plan of the selected new degree program. Please refer to the Student Status Regulations of Undergraduates of Tsinghua University for more detailed information.

10. The foreign students who withdraw from the University after no less than one year of study can obtain a certificate of non-completion university study. The foreign students who fail to meet the requirements for graduation within prescribed years of schooling are allowed to conclude their studies with a certificate of completion. The students transferred to junior college programs can obtain a certificate of graduation of junior college programs upon reaching the standards of graduation. Those students who are dismissed from the University or whose student status is cancelled can only get a certificate of study once at Tsinghua University. Students with a certificate of completion who wish to retake a course (or test) need to submit their application prior to the start of that class. After the completion of the application, the student must fill and submit the required forms to his/her department of study (the form can be downloaded at:; Tsinghua online educational administration-student campus-form downloads). Late submissions will be treated as waiving that year's application. If students with a certificate of completion do not register to reapply to graduate within the alotted time or have failed retaken classes, he/she no longer qualifies for reapplying to graduate.

11. Those regulations regarding the affairs of enrollment, registration, leave for absence, suspension, resumption and any other affairs requiring all students to comply with in the Student Status Regulations of Undergraduates of Tsinghua University are all applicable to foreign students.

This page is translated from the Chinese documents and for informational purpose only. The Chinese version will prevail in any case of disparity. Tsinghua University reserves the final right of interpretion.