The Aims of Education: The department is qualified to confer doctoral degrees in all eight areas of philosophy. The purposes of education include (1) the fostering of high-level scholars who will perform academic studies in philosophy; and (2) in the case of the students who will be highlevel professional workers in areas such as administration, management, and the cultural industry, the department will foster their ability of applying philosophy to the practices facing modernization and internationalization.

The Methods of Education:

The supervisors will be responsible for the study of the students. To incorporate the supervision of the advisor a supervisory group of three to five members including the supervisor will be organized to direct a student, with the supervisor as head. All members should be professors, fellows, or experts in the area, and, if necessary, one to two part-time professors or guest fellows from other departments at Tsinghua University or other universities can be invited to join the group.

The students must finish the required courses (refer to “the Methods of Education” for masters' candidates regarding the catalog of the required courses) according to procedure. At the same time, they should actively participate in deeper academic studies and the study of important projects in applied philosophy. The educational plans of the students will be made according to the requirements on the education and dissertations from the university.

The students should learn to develop a broad foundation for academic studies, as well as to develop the ability of doing high-level theoretical research, to develop original and creative thinking, and to develop the capability of innovation in applied philosophy. The full-time students may take the posts of instructors or assistant researcher, and the tasks and requirements will be stated in the contracts applying to the relevant regulations of the university.